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Polish producer of Li-Ion batteries

Battery Guru

Rapid Ebikes is the owner of the Battery Guru brand – a producer of high-quality batteries for electric vehicles.

A wide range of solutions

Battery Guru offers convenient bidon batteries and custom-made batteries.


Made in Poland

Battery Guru batteries are produced in Poland. BG841 bicycle battery was awarded during Kielce BikeExpo 2018



Battery Guru batteries are covered by a 2-year warranty with service located in Poland.


Battery Guru batteries are manufactured exclusively from new unpacked cells.

Battery Guru

Bidon batteries

Convenient bidon batteries mounted to the water bottle holes located in the bicycle frame. You can also easily unclip the case from the rail due to recharging – using a key lock.

Bidon batteries with a capacity of 11.6 Ah to 17.5 Ah

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Nominal voltage 48V
Weight 4,18 kg
Dimensions 365 x 90 x 110 mm (lenght x width x height – with the rail).

Batteries capacity:

  • BG841 – 17,5 Ah (~840 Wh)
  • BG701 – 14,5 Ah (~700 Wh)
  • BG551 – 11,6 Ah (~550 Wh)


Battery Guru

Custom batteries

Battery design service according to customer requirements or a choice from a wide range of custom batteries.